From the Front Lines Of…


The Miss Dylan Jones Experience.

How truly out on a limb do you have to go to brand yourself into searchable words or how honest do you have to get to share whatever feels like you should keep it a secret?

Either way-Here are some thoughts.  The ones that usually keep me awake at night and get me out of bed searching for pen and paper-the ones that once they are purged can go off into the night sky like those candle balloons…what do you call them?  You know, the ones you see in movies from Thailand or India.

Or the movie “Melancholia”- During the wedding reception, the guests go out to the cliff off the coast and light candles in paper balloons and they write a wish for the couple or something they want to let go of-or that might be just my fantasy-either way it’s a beautiful scene that one day I will recreate in my own special way.  Maybe a birthday party crab boil-No, I have too many vegan friends for that to be fun any more.

Sky lanterns!  That’s what they’re called.

This blog will be like that.  Sky lanterns that float off to be seen by whomever is looking.

Whoever?  Whomever?

Which are you?