Ah, the good stuff.  Projects.  Life blood.

You can find the endeavors that are worth mentioning on this page.

They are ever-evolving and I hope you will join me in following the path as it unfolds.

Check back often.

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5 to 7 Productions.  Bringing light to the dark and dark to the light.

My production company.  Guess, if I’m going to keep making content, it will need a banner.

Currently writing a feature and a pilot.  That’s all I can say about those for right now.

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A beer garden, out of context conversations, and not so finely crafted beer.  Learn to love the art of blather.

Created out of my career goals group at the Antaeus Company.  Several of us wanted to get new footage for our reels.  I said “Why don’t I write scenes for everyone.  We can all chip in and hire my DP from my short film.”  I did and turned it into 4 episodes that strung together as a web series and then we shot 18 pages in 6 hours-testament to the talent in that pool.

Photo by Karianne Flaathen


My short film.  Being submitted to festivals worldwide.

18 months in the making with a script I wrote more than 7 years ago, then raised $5,000 in one week on Kickstarter and shot it in 2 days.

A fiery redhead decides to marry herself and throws a bridal shower.  When life doesn’t take you where you want, make your own path.

usc scream


My band.  Think Patti Smith meets the Stooges with some T. Rex thrown in.

Currently preparing a one-woman cabaret following a California girl surviving youth, being a junkie and the California soundtrack that kept her alive.