The Speaker

The past 5 years of my career have been spent touring the world and talking with people about art and how it connects all of us as a community.  I’ve always dreamed of being an ambassador and I have become one for peace.

Last autumn, I had the privilege of touring “Judgment At Nuremberg” nationally.  While performing at universities all over the country during a most polarizing Presidential election, the conversations at the talkbacks and Q&A’s became a lifeline between the audience and the artists.  And today, everyone I talk to expresses the desire to effect change in our country but doesn’t seem to feel like they are the right person to initiate it.

My Buddhist teacher always says that dialogue is the only true path to peace and that we, now more than ever, must challenge ourselves to find the courage to have the conversations that need to be had.

Buddhist With A Gun is born out of that teaching.  It is a conversation with the audience.  Challenging how we listen to each other.  I share my adventures growing up with guns and my recovery from being a victim of violent crimes.  I share my journey searching for a path that is authentic to me as well as how I’ve been confronted to transform areas of my life that have held firmly rooted beliefs.

Buddhist With A Gun is designed to create a space where we can all take a look at ourselves and the world we live in and see how we can find the courage to have the conversations we feel need to be had.


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